Gold Condiments & Preserves

Carved Angel Gold is a unique collection of exquisite, handmade foods, expertly prepared in Belgium using the finest ingredients, specially sourced from around the globe.
The recipes of our traditionally made marmalades were crafted more than a century ago.

Fruits worldwide selected for the sake of their exceptional taste, not too much sugar, no colours or preservatives, a slow production process in an open red copper kettle… and the loving hand of our ‘master jam-maker’. ..

The Carved Angel ‘Gold Marmalade’ range delivers a perfect balance in taste by using the best of prestigious orchards all around the world : pink grapefruit from Florida,, blood orange from Sicily and wild lemon from Italy. Only the best is good enough for the ‘Gold’ Range Marmalade.

Cheese and fruit go naturally well together. Both have their own well-defined characters but, when combined, they produce subtle flavors that are almost gastronomic. Our Carved Angel ‘Gold Confits’ are much less sweet than traditional jams and they will bring, used as a relish in association to the cheese, meats and salads a little extra touch of the unexpected for guaranteed success with your guests.

Our Carved Angel ‘Gold’ true fruit sauces contain just succulent fruit and some sugar. You’ve never tasted anything like them…..simple, but as real as the best fruit sauce will ever be!

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