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Feel free to contact us at anytime! We will always endeavour to reply to your emails within 24 hours.

Alternatively if you need to talk to a human being, we know what that is like, call us. If you are greeted by an answer phone, please don’t despair, leave a message and a contact number and once again a human will come back to you asap.

If you wish to write us a letter, we still like to receive them and kind ones often puts a permanent smile on our faces for many days!

If for any reason you might not be happy about our products or service, whilst this would make us unhappy, it is still important to hear and whilst we may sulk for a little while, if your feedback helps us to progress and do better, we will appreciate it.

So here is how to get in touch!

Fillin the contact form or use the details provided below.

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    The Carved Angel

    C/O Armoric International

    Langage Industrial Estate

    14 Barn Close,




    Telephone Number

    01752 345 120