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We are often asked how we started producing our delicious Christmas Puddings.

Before we focused 100% on mixing & steaming, we started out as a restaurant.

The very best promotional activity we ever ( to this day) experienced was placing our Christmas Puddings on to our festive menu and then merchandising them around the restaurant.

Whilst diners delighted in every mouthful of their Christmas dessert, they were able to spy very quickly how they could reproduce the same enjoyment at home on Christmas Day without having to work too hard. We calculated that over 75% of all customers who enjoyed their Christmas Pudding dessert in our restaurant ended up buying them for themselves or as gift for friends and family. It was a Double Whammy  and we could only wish it was Christmas every day!!!

Now we are offering restaurants, dining halls, food halls and cafes the same opportunity!

We now produce 120g individual Christmas Puddings in all flavours! 40 seconds in a microwave, served with ice cream, custard, our brandy butter or simply cream, there is a Christmas pudding for absolutely everyone!

How about a smorgasbord of Christmas Puddings for sharing. A real festive eye opener for a Christmas table and something your diners will always remember! As you know, the dessert is the last thing customers remember and judge you by!

Oh! And don’t forget the double whammy!

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