Indian Sauces

By using only the freshest and finest ingredients, The Carved Angel have managed to create the perfect taste for any Indian meal and bottle it for all of your enjoyment. Our fine selection of curry sauces are the ultimate in Indian Cuisine.

Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, Onion free, Garlic free, no added sugar

They are all concentrated sauces to be used with part water plus the main ingredient to create curries in minutes. The sauces can be easily adapted to make curries milder or creamier with the addition of cream or yoghurt. Alternatively a chopped onion and/or chopped tomatoes can also be added when cooking the curry.

If you cannot wait to enjoy them once you have removed the lids, no problem, they are equally delicious used as a dip with crunchy vegetables, popadoms, or placed on a baked potato or even spread on some toast or with your sandwiches….sooooo versatile and spectacularly delicious, enjoy!

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