Pickle, Mustard, Chutney & Chilli

We love making our chutneys, pickles and relishes! So much so, we now have over 30 varieties and the list gets bigger.
Our chutneys and pickles all have with their own distinct, gorgeous flavour profile. Offering endless versatility for a variety of uses. Keep it simple and add to your favourite sandwiches, salads, meats. Add a kick to baked potatoes, rice and noodle dishes. Become a little adventurous and add to stir fries, bolognese, fish and chicken dishes. Turn up the surprise and excite your favourite salads such as coleslaw & potato salad.Keep it quick and easy, use as dip for chips, crisps, or assortment of veg. Why not crush some avocado, perhaps add some creme fraiche or mayonnaise for a truly delicious dip or snack and we haven’t even started on the all the different dishes you can cook with!!!
Of course, we never dare to stop making our famous Gunpowder & Moonlight and our wonderful customers continue to send many new ideas for different recipes that are incredibly inspirational.
Thankyou for making our days more fun. x

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