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Wicked Apple Chutney with Orange, Carrot & Spices 300g


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Suitable for Vegetarians

120z Jar

One of the latest additions to The Carved Angel collection is this perfect marriage between apples, oranges, carrots and mixed spices, we even threw in tomatoes, onions and butternut squash ( became a little carried away!) but the end result is absolutely Wicked!!! the aromas during cooking really interrupted our concentration and now all these great ingredients ( and aroma) are locked up in each jar ready to jump out on to your favourite foods. Check out our recipe pages for ideas but simply enjoy with cheese, salads, potato and rice dishes not to mention cold meats  just to get you started!


Suitable for Vegetarians

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Apple, Carrot & Goats Cheese Salad
This autumnal salad combines crisp apples and carrots with soft salad leaves, crunchy nuts, seeds & croutons and creamy goat’s cheese. Wrapped up in an orange dressing, the crowning glory of this salad is a spoonful of our Wicked Apple Chutney, which brings all the flavours together and adds a final burst of tangy flavour.
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